Monday, 1 June 2009

Best of the Papers

The stand-out article from this morning's papers is the Monitor's splash interview with Justice Kanyeihamba. The retiring judge criticises his colleagues for an illogical judgement in the 2006 petition from Dr Besigye challenging the election result. He argues that after the Supreme Court agreed that irregularities existed in the poll the result should have been cancelled.

The key line: 'For me once you say that the system of elections in this country violated the Constitution and other laws, the it is flawed. I call this to be a gross violation on the Constitution which should never have been allowed.'

Also worth reading is Sam Mutabazi's spot-on analysis of the state of NGOs in Uganda. His piece is a useful addition to the aid effectiveness debate kicked-off by Dambisa's Moyo's Dead Aid, a review of which you can read in the magazine here.

The key line: 'The unending syndrome of NGO workshops and conferences have made skeptics wonder why these institutions waste so much money on meetings that hardly make any impact on the population on whose behalf they claim to be working.'

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