Monday, 1 June 2009

Guest Blog: Make Baryamureeba Makerere V-C

From Makerere-based blogger Joe Powell:

Since the start of the year speculation has mounted that current Makerere Vice-Chancellor Professor Livingstone Luboobi will shortly step down and allow a new person to take over the running of the university. The process of selecting a new V-C is far from transparent but the dons must resist the temptation to conduct the 'business as usual' approach of selecting on seniority and patronage. The university is in urgent need of a radical shake-up from a Professor with a proven track record of success. As such I believe the Dean of the ICT Faculty, Venansius Baryamureeba, is the most compelling candidate.

Baryamureeba was the first Ugandan to receive a PhD in computer science, graduating from the University of Bergen aged 30. He has transformed the ICT faculty into the envy of campus, running a multi-million dollar budget supported heavily by the private sector. He also has good connections with the government (a necessity) through his service on the President's investor round-table group. On Saturday it was announced that he has been made a member of the International Biographical Centre in the UK by virtue of being one of the top 100 world professionals for 2009. Spartakuss has a run down of his highly impressive CV for those who want to know more.

In short, we need radical change at Makerere. It is because of this that I see his relatively young age and alleged brashness as a positive thing. I think Baryamureeda can deliver.

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