Monday, 1 June 2009

Get Up To Speed On...US Action Against The LRA

Last week ground breaking legislation was tabled in the US Senate to press President Obama to help the UPDF finish the LRA once and for all. Republicans and Democrats joined together to table the bill, which comes after heavy criticism of US involvement in the ill-fated Operation Lighting Thunder before Christmas. The following are the pick of the articles from around the globe:
  • The East African quotes Congressmen Royce: 'Sometimes just getting rid of one person does make a big difference. History is full of captivating leaders with bad ideas who do great damage'.
  • Last week we carried an analysis from Enough's Julia Spiegel and Noel Atama. The group campaigns against genocide and argues that: 'a revitalised and revamped military operation focused on apprehending the senior LRA leadership while simultaneously protecting civilians is the best way to defeat the insurgency and allow displaced civilians to return to their homes'
  • Download Enough's full report 'Finishing the fight against the LRA' here.
  • The New York Times had heavy criticism for the first operation.
  • Meanwhile Reuters reports that fresh LRA attacks have taken place in the Dungu region.

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